WoooHOOO summer is HERE! :D

How is everyone!??  I hope this finds you doing well…

I pray our Father God blesses you and yours in Christ Jesus our Lord!!

Me 06-17-2016MeX4 06-17-2016



4 thoughts on “WoooHOOO summer is HERE! :D

    • Such a fun song… toe tapping summer happiness! 😀 TY my friend!

      How are you doing? I’ve been following your posts… the world is upside down… good is evil, evil, good. Other than the daily grind of stupidity that surrounds us, I hope and pray that you and yours are doing well!

  1. (thanks for following the blog I appreciate..)
    This World is playing self-destruction, and is so good at it that it might succeeds…
    Well now for the next few days ..Everything is on Britain. Do Britain exiit a totalitarian Structure and contimue to be a part of it, or renew with its freedoms Which will change the pasture, and put a slow on the Islamization of Europe that germany and France do everything and neglect, his own that some call it a switch of population…

    The Stranglers – Always the sun & the lyrics

    • It is the islamic invasion that prompted me to take the ‘selfie photo shoot’ yesterday… I get so sick and tired of the idiots worldwide who are blind to the evil threat that continues to attack them. I took these photos as my way of saying I’m an American woman and will NEVER submit to islam. NO burka, no muslim control of me… ever! 😉

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