YOU are going to DIE!!!

Death stalks each of us… and whether it happens via a nuclear iran, disease, terrorism, or some other way, physical death will capture each of us… the only question that truly matters is… will you live?  Did you know that the Bible tells HOW YOU CAN KNOW FOR SURE that you will have eternal life with God in Heaven?  If you want to LIVE, there is a FREE GIFT that you can have right now…  PRAISE GOD IN CHRIST JESUS!



7 thoughts on “YOU are going to DIE!!!

  1. Hello TX3, It’s Wil, I try like if we could talf by e.mail. I stil remember that you give an alternative as to use my wallpaper.
    YOU are going to DIE!!! Well it is the only certainty in life.
    I Feel like I’m all Dead..and that of life only detached … like vain like “”vanity of vanity all is vanity””
    God Bless You Teach !

    • Hello brother! We are but strangers and pilgrims upon this earth… we truly start living when we move on to our new home! WOOOT 😀 Great to hear from you… I’m not real active here at WP, but I did an internet search the other day (regarding muslim invasions, ugh) and your blog was one of the top results. I was like, “hey! I used to follow that blog!” LOL So, I followed you again! 😉 Merry CHRISTmas Wil, may He fill you with His Peace and LIFE!

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