Situational Awareness Safety (survival) Tips:

I wrote these up for my adult children, as well as a reminder for myself.

Who is responsible for your safety?  Is it the police?  The government?  Others?

Nobody is responsible for you, but you.

Personal responsibility, personal self awareness and personal accountability… those should be the goals of every individual in earth.  If each of us had this train of thought, than everyone would be safer.  This is a small list of things one can do to enhance their individual and personal situational awareness in safety and for survival… of course, there are many more things and if you have any, please share them in the comments section!


  • Buddy system… two is better than one when out and about
  • Stay off your phone (calls AND text) and pay attention to your surroundings… look forward not at the ground
  • No listening to music… do not prohibit your hearing with ear-buds
  • Avoid groups and large crowds… ‘mob mentality’ forms when there is a ‘mob’
  • No ‘short cuts’… stay out of back streets, ally’s, paths that are not well lit, etc…
  • Stay away from unfamiliar areas… especially at night
  • Pay attention to those around you… be in the habit of looking behind yourself periodically to know who is there
  • When in a building (restaurant, store, etc) sit in the back, face the entry and observe the exits… know your surroundings
  • Wear shoes that you can run easily in… you can bring your professional shoes (heals, loafers) to change into at your destination
  • Be an ‘eavesdropper’! … listening to people is imperative to knowing what is going on around you
  • When in your vehicle: park your car so that your door is facing the front door of the establishment, if it’s dark make sure you park as close to under a lamp as possible, immediately when you enter lock your doors… have your keys out and ready before leaving the building and walking into the parking lot

Nobody should live in fear and being as personally aware as you can, gives you the power to overcome fear!  * Political Correctness is FASCISM pretending to be manners and cowardice pretending to be courage.  May God bless and keep you and yours in Christ!



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