The Sky is Falling!

Yesterday I wrote a post that said “The CDC is LYING!” … today, I replace it with this one.

One of the blessed things that Christ Jesus gives us is peace.  The whole freakin’ world can be on fire (and if you are paying attention, it kinda is) but He gives a peace to His followers, that many cannot even understand.  Sooo, ebola.  Panicking yet?  Me either, not yet that is.  However, just because one does not freak out and run around screaming “the sky is falling!”, does not mean that one should not be aware, paying continuous attention and do anything and everything within ones ability to keep themselves as safe as possible (there’s that individual responsibility thing again!).  The CDC is a government agency… and I seem to recall the federal government lying to the people countless times just within the past year or so.  Heck, enterovirus D68 is in an epidemic stage (at least 6 dead and multiple children nationwide who are paralyzed), but there are still many people in this nation who have no idea what it even is.  So is the CDC doing their job correctly on informing the people of that infectious disease, which has been spreading through the good ol’ USA for many months now?  My point is, we should never put our belief, trust or faith in ANY man (Psalm 146:3).  No government or agency.  It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

There are things one can do… It is the beginning of cold / flu season, so, this common sense approach will help thoroughly in the long run:


  • Stay away from those who look sick.  If you see coughing, sneezing, nose dribbles, etc… walk away immediately.  Always have a ‘safe zone’ between you and others, 3 ft or more.  Stay away from large crowds…


  • If you are ‘out and about’ in the world, pay attention to the things you touch.  Doorknobs, light switches, shopping carts, etc… because they all have multiple germs on them.


  • Wash your hands.  OMGOSH I know, the CDC said that.  But, it is part of the fabric of keeping germs away.  When you wash your hands, wash all the way up to the elbows.  Use warm water and soap and make sure you suds up at least until the slow count of ten.  Now, for many, you are thinking “well duh, this is common sense”… but you would not believe (or maybe you would) the multiple people I see in the ladies room who come out of a stall and walk right out the door.  They touched the toilet, they touched the stall handle, they touched the door handle to get out… all after they touched their private parts.  NOT ACCEPTABLE.  So, going back to the ‘pay attention to the things you touch’… just assume nobody washes their hands and that everything is loaded with germs.  That way, it’s in your head and you will find yourself washing your hands multiple times a day!


  • Keep a clean home.  Bleach kills stuff  ;), take off shoes at door and don’t wear them through the home, disinfect at least once a week, etc…


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -— Benjamin Franklin

Individual responsibility.  We are not in control of the fact that this administration continues to allow people passage into this nation from ebola (and other infectious diseased) nations, we are not in control of someone coming in and ‘sharing’ their sicknesses with the United States population, etc…  But we are in control of our own individual responsibility.  Think about things that you can do for your household: supplies to have on hand, a plan to shelter in if there is an outbreak of something near you.  The motto of the Boy Scouts comes to mind:  Be Prepared.  Because, guaranteed, there will be those who are not aware and are not prepared, and for them, the sky is falling.


For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” -Romans 8:15

Don’t know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, but want to?



2 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling!

  1. I do agree with it.
    Just yesterday, Matt Drudge tweeted 2 words: ‘self quarantine’.
    Time to totally stay away from crowds. Now.
    And it may be too late, but get yourself healthy.
    Get your blood sugar down, your inflamation down, stress down, sleep up and daily steps up. In order to do this cut out gluten, simple carbs and increase saturated fats, take at least 2000 iu vitamin D (unless your doc says no). Your apetite will decrease and your eating should decrease too. We eat to live, not live to eat. Just with this simple step, your risk and present diseases can and will decrease. All diseases.
    Stress: start to pray and read your Bible. every day and rely on Him. We can’t change anything anyway.
    Go to bed every night by 10 and turn off or cover up ALL lights. TV, clocks, radios, phones. Make it black. Make your room cool. Don’t drink caffeine after 3PM
    Walk every day. If only around the block. Vacuum your house. Do laundry. WALK. However you can do it. Just walk. If you have a tread mill, WALK. Just 20 minutes a day increases your brain health and decreaes inflammation to every organ in your body.

    I’d add: do not hug or kiss anymore. Ebola is passed from person to person by blood and body fluids so we never know when a person has these fluids on their person, certainly these are in their saliva. No more hugs/kisses.

    The ebola virus can live 3-10 days on fomites. Fomites are inanimate objects like doorknobs. That is horrifying. Though they say you can’t get ebola from a fomite, I do NOT TRUST THEM.

    It’s my life and it’s my own responsibility.

    Might think of more but right now those are my thoughts.
    God bless you, teachx3!
    Your post is a gem!

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