Looking for an alternative to the mozilla firefox browser?

By now you probably know of the communist act accomplished right here in America.
If you are not aware, here are a few articles regarding such in order of publishing date:

When the story first broke, I immediately went on a quest for a new browser.  I do not like chrome (and dislike google even more), had no interest in opera or ever going back to IE, so, I wanted a browser that was not ‘mainstream’ so to speak.  I have been using the firefox browser since 2002, so was very comfortable with the format.  I researched, downloaded, tested and deleted multiple browsers and finally decided upon one that I am very happy with, so wanted to share the info in case you too find yourself wanting a change.  😀

Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser:

( A faster, more secure version of Firefox )

For those who prefer chrome, check out Comodo Dragon.  The IceDragon is based off firefox and the reg Dragon is based off of chrome.  Also, if you are interested in further security (block trackers, cookies, etc) check out Ghostery … and for a secure and private search engine that does not track there is Ixquick HTTPS.  I have used both of these for years and find them to be wonderful… both can be added to the Comodo IceDragon browser.




6 thoughts on “Looking for an alternative to the mozilla firefox browser?

      • Will do.
        Sitting at my youngest son’s archery tournament right now, so I’ll have to take care of my wife’s Firefox browser tomorrow…….

        Thanks again for the suggestion and research. 😉

      • I gotta tell ya, it was pretty darn satisfying when I deleted the mozilla firefox out of my system! LOL Yeah, it might not be much, but it is my small way to ‘just say no’ to thugs! 😀 Archery, eh? Outside tournament? If so, hope the weather is beautiful and hope your son wins!! 😉

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