It is well, with my soul

Back in 1997 my husband and I joined a ‘home church’ and we had weekly meetings and Bible study… wow, what a blessing that time was, God spoke to us abundantly!  We got a bit ‘caught up’ in the whole Y2K thing (not through the church, through other sources) and LEARNED how to be more self sufficient… we had a homestead (milk goats and chickens), we started a pantry, we looked at every day items that were finished with their job and figured out how to transform them or reuse them for other purposes (changing from a ‘throw away’ family, to a resourceful one), we for the first time, thought about the future of mankind and in turn, the future of God’s Church.  It was truly a learning and growing time… but Y2K did not happen o_O  However, we did not feel embarrassed, ashamed, etc… we LEARNED, and truthfully, I think the biggest lesson we did learn was that our focus should always be on God and never on our own preparations or plans.  We still ‘live this way’… we don’t have a bunker or fancy stash, just a small pantry, but it helps us during hard times, to be able to eat!  I miss my goats and chickens, but having MS made it very difficult for me to continue with the homestead, hopefully, some day soon we will be able to have chickens again… but first we must build an en-closer to keep the owls from picking them off!  Anyway, the purpose of this post is simple.  God has been working on me in a different way for the past few months.  While I still think it important to be independent and as self sufficient as possible, my focus is way more on my relationship with Him and His Will and He has given me a spirit of peace, one that continually reminds me that He is with me and that no matter what is happening, all is well with my soul!  What a blessing!!  As the world continues its crazy spin into suicide and the news bombards us every day with more and more proof of the insanity, I have no fear, no ‘the sky is falling’ syndrome, I only have peace in my soul and a continued desire to search His Scripture and follow His Lead, AMEN!!  I don’t exactly know why I am sharing this information, just wanted to give Glory to God for all that He Is, even in the midst of the storms.  May God’s Will be done in earth as it is in heaven!



2 thoughts on “It is well, with my soul

  1. This really blessed me Teach and I’m glad that you shared it. It helps me too, to remember to focus on Him. He keeps telling me to just do what He puts before me each day. My little brain keeps zooming in all directions. He knows me! He knows what I need to do. Thank you and God bless you!

    • Debbie, it is so good to hear from you sister! 😀 This came directly from God… I have been feeling ‘down’, because our pantry is about empty and we do not have the money to fill it, and THAT is when He started speaking very strongly to me! I seriously could not be more blessed, that our Father loves me so much that He reassures and comforts me!! GLORY! Oh goodness, YOUR story is so much like mine… my little brain does the same, it was so bad at one point, that my brain would not shut up at night and I could not get sleep, so, I turned to Him and behold the power of Christ, I am sleeping again! \o/ I believe, with all my being, that He is preparing the way for His Church, through each individual, He is reminding us to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit’s guiding and leading… daily. AMEN!! 😀 Again, SO good to hear from you girl… God bless you and yours in Jesus!!

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