Reminiscent of…

Target commercial comes on and as the music played it awakened memories of something similar… it was an 80’s sound!  Heard once and hooked!  Time to download the album! 😀

Forever” by HAIM off their debut album ‘Days Are Gone



5 thoughts on “Reminiscent of…

    • Isn’t it catchy?!! I’m SO diggin’ it! Want to jump in my car, windows down, sunglasses on, with this song loud as it can go! 😀 I did download this song, but will have to wait to get the rest of the album till I got a little extra $$ 😉 Glad you stopped by!

    • haha! Ok JTR, I get it you ol’ fuddy duddy :p that was pretty much my husbands response as well LOL well, I like it… A LOT 😀 and play it over and over and over… Thanks for stopping by brother!

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