Lots going on, huh?

We are bombarded with information on wars, persecutions, struggles of all types happening around the world.  If you are like me, it is hard to know who to trust for information… conflicting reports confuse and blur the facts to the point that it is difficult to know who or what is true.  Today I felt led to reshare a post back from August of 2013.  God bless you.



  • Ones personal salvation is the number one thing anyone should be concerned with, as well as sharing the Lord and His Gift of Grace with loved ones, etc… no matter where one lives in the world
  • Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, keep Israel in all prayers.  Unsure why?  Just search the Scriptures for that answer
  • Pay attention to the world events unfolding.  Be aware, but do not be afraid, stay in God’s Word for His Peace
  • Do not be a victim.  While we cannot control most things, we can choose to be as independent and self sufficient as possible.  The market will reflect the worlds events… so food, everyday household supplies, gas, etc… will skyrocket and become even more difficult to afford.  While I do not suggest one puts their faith in any preparations, I do suggest one has as many goods on hand so when they do rise in cost, there will be a buffer zone to help one accommodate for the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in.  Pick up a few extra cans of food, an extra this or that, things that we think will make us as comfortable as possible, so that our attention and heart can be directed to God our Father in Christ Jesus and our prayers will be focused on events and people and not where our next meal will come from.  ‘The Ant & The Grasshopper’ is Biblical in bases… look to Proverbs.
  • Pray.  AND then be active, put on the Full Armor of God!  We must not allow our hearts to wax cold.  No matter what our eyes see, no matter what reports we hear, the only thing that matters is The Kingdom of God… The Father of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus…  His hand will point the way our feet should travel day by day.

May God’s Will be done in earth as it is in heaven, AMEN


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