50th Year Anniversary Roe-v-Wade, and Insane Immigration

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time, you know that I try very hard to stay away from ‘politics’ and ‘heavy’ subjects (even though it’s a passion)… I strive to keep this itsy bitsy teeny weeny speck on the internet light and God glorifying.  Honestly, I am not even qualified to write about the more serious worldly things, I’m just not good at it and there are so many bloggers out there that are!  This entry is from a brother in Christ, it tackles the subject using faith, critical thinking and patriotism. Visit original for FULL post.

The Founding Fathers Would Start Over

So, we are at the 50 year mark of Roe-v-Wade decision, and over 50 million babies have been slaughtered.  Think about that.  50 million Americans, ripped from the wombs of those who should have protected the unborn with their lives.  Instead, they saw those innocent children as hindrances to their personal goals.  Meanwhile, the government has issued “green cards” to over one million people per year since the year 2000.  Average that out, and you’ll see that for every American slaughtered in the womb, an immigrant is given the official nod to come into the country.  That by the way, is referring only to those who are granted official entry and not those who are allowed illegal entry by a lawless government.

What if We, the People, had maintained our cultural integrity and had never allowed ourselves to be morally denigrated by so-called secular-left (I say so-called because I…

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2 thoughts on “50th Year Anniversary Roe-v-Wade, and Insane Immigration

    • YW tannngl, yes, it grabbed my attention powerfully. The critical thinking of putting one and two together, reveals the big picture… Thanks for reading, God bless you sister.

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