I don’t know WHAT to say!!

Romans 8:26
Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

There are times, when troubles and the evils of this world, overwhelm me.  I feel helpless.  When I go to the Father in prayer, I am unable to even form the words that are needed.  Praise the Lord Christ Jesus, He reminds me that it is in my weakness, that He is Strong… His Spirit, our Helper, the precious Holy Ghost, takes over and whether my words are ‘elegant’ or not, it does not matter!  GLORY TO GOD!  I have a version of Amazing Grace on my ipod that I adore.  It is off the 25 Best Celtic Favorites CD, but I do not know who the artist is.  I searched today, to try and find the information I needed, so that I could share that particular version with you, to no avail.  However, I did find this version, and it is very nice.  May our Lord God bless and keep each of you, in His powerful Wisdom and Grace, AMEN!

Celtic Woman – Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace was written by John Newton, an Englishmen who did not believe in God, he served in the Royal Navy and was active in the slave trade.  One night a terrible storm battered the ship he was on, he thought his fate was certain death but in an act of desperation he prayed to God to stop the storm, shortly after the seas quietened and the storm passed.  John became a Christian and spent the rest of his days studying the Bible and spreading the Word of God, he was also one of the first Englishmen to support the abolition of the slave trade.  (The history of this song is powerful… do a search for a deeper appreciation!)



5 thoughts on “I don’t know WHAT to say!!

    • Hello brother and thank you so much!! AMEN! ‘Blessed Assurance’… ah, another wonderful hymn! 😀 If not for His love that comforts and engulfs me, I would be lost… but you know that, as well as all our brethren!! I am smiling brother… thank you so very much, God bless you and I love you ALL too! 😀

  1. Found myself singing Amazing Grace as I walked to the mailbox in half a foot of snow yesterday. Holy music reminds me of god’s love for this useless piece of flesh. It is amazing, God’s love.

    • You know, something is up. God is reaching out, His Spirit is MOVING among His people, IMO. This song has been on my mind, in my heart and even being sang by my spirit AS I SLEEP for a while now. God is calling His flock, I truly believe that. Also, “come out of her, My people” keeps going round and round in my brain. For me personally, it can mean so many things… come out of sin, come out of the world, come out of ?? To me, it means refocus on Him, His Will and His Kingdom, AMEN. I think that is why I felt led by the Holy Spirit to make this post, because if others are experiencing what I am (Praise Jesus!), it is important we remember that we are not always in a position to know exactly what to say or do (whether praying or just living day to day), but HE takes over. Yes, AMAZING. Absolutely amazing is GOD’S LOVE! 😀 Thank you so much for your comment sister… it is another piece of the puzzle, for me personally, and I am thankful. God bless you!

      • I remember thinking, “How strange, the song came to me out of nowhere.” I wasn’t even thinking about God or music. Was just walking with difficulty to get the mail, wondering if my horse needed her heavier blanket on.
        Out of nowhere, I just started singing. out loud.
        Very unusual.

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