Odd Prayer Request w/ Final HAPPY Update!

I’m a country girl, and as such, know certain things regarding living the ‘country life’. I knew this extreme cold was coming ahead of time, and last Sunday said to my husband, “babe, don’t let me forget to turn on the kitchen faucet so our pipes don’t freeze”. I forgot, and I have been without running water since Monday morning. Now, being a country girl, I am a ‘preparer’ of sorts… so, I had some jug water on hand as well as waterless disinfectant hand cleaner, cleaning supplies, etc… but today, I’m down to a couple of jugs of water, and my husband will not be home until 11:30pm with more. One might not realize how much water we use on a daily basis, and I have even been majorly conserving!! Animals need to drink, washing hands, cleaning, etc… and the big one, flushing a toilet. Did you know, it takes 3 gallons of water in the toilet tank for it to flush properly? THAT goes through your water supply pretty quick, even if you only flush the toilet once a day! So, today I carried in snow and heated it up on the stove to flush the toilet. (That ‘work’ has caused the M.S. to act up, so am asking for prayer for my health.) But my main prayer request is a bit odd… we are ‘financially poor’, and I am scared to death that our water pipes have / will burst. Will you please lift up a prayer on our behalf that our water pipes are not or will not burst? We just could not afford such an unexpected expense. It is what it is, I’m not boohooing in any way… we will survive and things could always be so much worse. I mean, I am BLESSED to have a warm home and food!! But I am concerned about my water pipes, *sigh*. I could just kick my own rear end for forgetting to prepare so they did not freeze, UGH! Thank you and God bless you!

1/9 UPDATE:  water started trickling out our facets… and in our backyard, there is now a river nestled in the snow.  😦  I shut down the power to the well, called the plumber and am hoping they will be able to get to me tomorrow.  *sigh*  PRAYING this won’t be a huge expense.  Thank you all for your kind concern and prayers!

1/10 UPDATE 8:00pm:  OH PRAISE THE LORD!  I now have running water!!  I am so happy, gonna clean up the kitchen and go take a shower!  LOL  Oh AND it only cost us $183 bucks!!!  GLORY TO GOD!  There was two breaks in the main elbow copper pipe… let me tell ya, I will NOT forget to have my faucet dripping in the bitter cold again!  Thank you ALL so very much for your prayers… it has been a wild week, LOL, but I truly appreciate YOU for standing in prayer and kindness for my family!  God bless you all…   OK, gonna turn on some tunes and enjoy the rest of my Friday night!  😀



2 thoughts on “Odd Prayer Request w/ Final HAPPY Update!

  1. Father, you know our sister’s need and her love for you. One little thing, her frozen pipes…please we ask that they have not broken. Past tense! I know you will take care of Teach and her hubby for you love them so much. I praise you for that love and caring. Amen!

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