My Top 5 Musical Artists! … hmmm ⊙﹏☉ Or are they? LOL

Ask me what my favorite song is, or my favorite movie, or… and you’d get so many words all rumbled in confusion, as I contradict my answer over and over again, because I cannot choose just one of anything!  I have been thinking on this topic for over a year… trying to narrow down my favorite musical artists so that I could make a post highlighting them!  😀  Well, as long as I don’t think about it any longer, or listen to any music before I make this post, I’m gonna go with these five.  ENJOY some of my favorites & Happy New Years Eve!  BE SAFE!

I made these decisions because I can put these artists on repeat and listen over and over again and never get tired of ’em, and there is not a single song they do that I don’t like… these are not necessarily my favorite songs from the artists, because, as I mentioned, I cannot choose!


1.  AC/DC  (this is absolutely non negotiable, nothing will ever top them  😉  )
2.  Ozzy Osbourne
3.  Scorpions
4.  STYX
5.  Led Zepplin






12 thoughts on “My Top 5 Musical Artists! … hmmm ⊙﹏☉ Or are they? LOL

  1. I can commiserate, Teach: I’d have to aim for a top 60 or so.
    –Foreigner, Def Leppard, Blue Murder, Thin Lizzy, Y&T, Kiss, Black N’ Blue, Bad Company, Kix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Judas Priest, Dokken, REO Speedwagon, Helix, King Kobra, UFO, Eddie Money, Kansas, Eric Clapton, Steve Morse, Ratt, Robin Trower, Journey, Dire Straits, …..

    Nope: can’t choose.
    Wouldn’t even want to try.

    • You realize your list just made my post irrelevant, right? LOL Great list… every single one of them EXCEPT ‘Kiss’… never a big fan… one or two good songs. :p heehee!

      • Ahhhhh….. Kiss had some clunkers, but so did almost every band. And their hits (even the ones no one’s every heard of now) were spectacular.

        But YOUR list has VIDEO, …plus most people have actually HEARD of those bands.
        Go ahead: ask 20 people at random “Who was in Blue Murder?”…
        If you get anything other than a polite stare, I’ll buy lunch.


      • Yeah, I don’t know who they are… but I figure, if you included them, then they must be great! 😉

        See, in my list… I personally do not think any of them had one single clunker. That is why they are my fav’s! 😀

      • Trust me: they ALL had clunkers (and I bought them, anyway).

        As much as I loved the Scorps (and I saw them 4 times in concert…), we could fill a couple albums with theirs.
        Ozzy? Same thing.
        AC/DC? Well, maybe only a few outright clunkers, but you’ve gotta admit: much of the stuff they did in the 90s was “subpar”, at best, certainly by their own standards.

        Not a criticism; just an observation.
        The upside is: It’s still better than 95% of the bilge on radio today…

      • By the way, if you didn’t know “Blue Murder”, here you go.
        Their first CD is a ‘Must Have” – Carmine Appice, John Sykes, and Tony Franklin.
        And they were spectacular, both ‘live” AND in the studio:

      • Love stopping by, Teach! And you’re one of the few folks with whom I can still talk music.
        Which makes you very special (and highly intelligent) in my book!!


      • Yes, the Self-titled one is their first. The second one, plus their ‘live’ one, are okay, but have different musicians playing with Sykes, and weren’t nearly as cohesive.
        This one only had nine tunes, and they were all good. ‘Billy’ was my favorite, but it’s close…..


      • 01. Riot
        02. Sex Child
        03. Valley Of The Kings – blocked by Universal (UMG)
        04. Jelly Roll
        05. Blue Murder
        06. Out Of Love
        07. Billy
        08. Ptolemy
        09. Black-Hearted Woman

        Yep, I dig it… from a one time listen, my favorite is 1. Riot, with my least favorite being the ballad, #6, but it will probably grown on me. Gonna download this album from iTunes as soon as I can afford it… thanks JTR for turning me on to them! 😀

      • I was always kinda “meh” about #2 on the album, as songs like that never did much for me. But I agree that ‘Riot’ is great.
        ‘Valley…’ was the first release and was awesome, and ‘Jelly Roll’ was like two songs in one, with an infectious beginning.

        For all that, I can easily forgive one song out of nine!
        Delighted you liked it, Teach…!

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