The ‘subjects’ MUST be forced to see that the emperor has no clothes

Nobody likes suffering, if we each had our choice, we would never experience pain, we would never hit rock bottom.  But that is exactly what must happen, if anything is ever to improve.  Whatever ones addiction, we will continue in it, until we have crashed, until we have experienced such an uncomfortable situation that it forces us to wake up and work to stop the pain.  America has an addiction.  We are addicted to complacency, to abundance, to ‘blissful’ ignorance.  We are so wrapped up in the world… it dictates our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.  Our Father in heaven warns us not to get into this situation, but sadly, so many are lost and do not know that He gives us an alternative.  So, here we are in the midst of corruption, LIES and evil abounding on every side.  The ’emperor’ is the world… sure, one can say it is the President of these United States (and IMO, that would be a truth), one can say it is most of our ‘elected leaders’ (and IMO, that would also be a truth), but it is bigger than that.  If we look at the ‘big picture’ we are able to see that the emperor is so much more than just a system of government… it is the worldly attitude, the system, that soaks into the individual.  In order for ‘the masses’ to wake up, it must crash and hit rock bottom, so that each individual personally experiences an uncomfortable, painful suffering, which forces us to rise above such and make changes.  *sigh*  This is my personal opinion and I don’t like it, I don’t want it.  The hope we have (the Good News!), is in Christ Jesus and the more we share His Ways with our fellow man, His Truth soaks into each individual and replaces the worldly attitude and system.  No amount of bandages will ‘fix’ what ails America… until our souls are fixed.



5 thoughts on “The ‘subjects’ MUST be forced to see that the emperor has no clothes

  1. Thank you for the link.

    Many blame God for evil, but He did not create evil. What God created is an alarm system. So that we might understand the consequences of evil, God created pain. He did that so that in our sufferings we can inform our consciences on the differences between good and evil.

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