Knowledge IS Power.

Let me say that again: knowledge is power.

Whether it’s knowing why Obamanomics is wrong or why our Founding Fathers wanted a separation of powers, the knowledge you want and need is available – for free – at FreedomWorks University.

Check it out here – the power is at your fingertips. And, unlike the ObamaCare website, FreedomWorks University actually works!

freedomworks university.jpg

Judge Andrew Napolitano will teach you about the founding of the American Republic and why the Constitution is designed to protect liberty.

Dr. Wayne Brough, Peter Schiff, and others will teach you about free market economics.

And, Grassroots Expert Whitney Neal will teach you how to make a difference – anyone can do it, if you know how!

You’ll be able to use this knowledge to take back our country. You can help America become freer and more prosperous. And through Freedomworks University, you’ll become better equipped to defend the principles you and I hold dear.

Enroll in a class at FreedomWorks University right now!

Learn why the U.S. Government would not have “defaulted” despite what the pundits said about the need to raise the debt ceiling. Learn why the Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights to protect us from abuses like the NSA spying program. Learn why government programs like ObamaCare are doomed to fail.

Learn why you have the power to save America and preserve liberty for future generations!.

FreedomWorks University has the cheapest tuition in America – It’s free! Start now.

In Liberty,

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Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks



10 thoughts on “Knowledge IS Power.

    • Hi LS 😀 I have been a ‘member/follower’ of FreedomWorks for a few years now, since ’07 or ’08… back when it first started (founded in 1984), it was a grassroots phenomenon, but now of course, it is organized. I have not started the classes yet… but hope to next week!

      • Just finished the History 101 course…

        Judge Napolitano’s “Founding the American Republic”
        Lesson 1 The Creation of the American Republic
        Lesson 2 The Constitution & The Bill of Rights
        Lesson 3 The Commerce Clause
        Lesson 4 The Progressive Era
        Lesson 5 Federalism in the Modern Age
        Course Quiz

        HIST101 Course Quiz
        Congratulations, you have already passed this course!

        They were enjoyable videos, ranging from 5 to 8 minutes each, him speaking and well as visual graphics to go along with the information. I learned a few things I did not know, but the course was simple, straight forward and entertaining. Worth the ‘less than an hour’ of your time! 😀

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