A House Divided

The Lord God is speaking! Will we listen? Two of my favorite writers both wrote on the same theme today… and I feel led to share. May God’s Will be done in earth, as it is in heaven, in Christ Jesus our Savior, AMEN!

The Founding Fathers Would Start Over

John Adams pointed out that our government is only good for a moral and religious people and that it is wholly inadequate for any other.  There is wisdom behind those words.

Any student of sociology is aware that there are certain codes of conduct that govern behavior in any functional society.  These codes are referred to as norms.  Some norms are called folkways.  These are the codes of conduct that make the citizens of Texas different than the citizens of Maine.  This category of norm is also where we find rules of behavior that dictate what actions are worthy of scorn and ridicule.  Mores, on the other hand, are codes of conduct that carry stiffer punishment if violated, including legal retribution.

John Adams expected this nation to walk in the understanding that We, the People, were created by God, the Giver of Liberty.  This same Creator also gave us responsibilities…

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