The POWER of God, a Praise Report

In order to relay the miracle that occurred, I have to tell information that I am uncomfortable with revealing… on Thursday, my son was picked up by police for a failure to appear in court.  Ok, that was the ick part, now on to the Praise Report!  He was taken to city jail and was supposed to be transported to county where the issue is, but it did not happen.  When he called me last night, I could hear and feel how concerned he was about having to spend the night in city.  I told him not to you worry about anything and that I will be keeping him in prayer.  I am the type of prayer warrior that always asks for God’s Will to be done… no matter what the situation is, and no matter what my personal desires are, I only want God’s Will.  I knew that even though I was humanly falling apart, because I was not in control and I could not help my baby, that God was, and is, in control and that He loves my son even more than I do (my son is a believer, loves and belongs to our Lord God) and so I did have a strange feeling of peace in the midst of the storm.  My son just called me, he is now in county, and he relayed to me what happened last night.  He said the cell had about 30 men in it, it was filthy, with food, bugs, feces, urine, and blood on the walls.  At one point, the men started talking religion.  It started to become an extremely agitated discussion of anger and my son said it was very uncomfortable.  He remembered that I said I would be praying all night and so, he closed his eyes and started to pray.  He said to God that he was standing in agreement with me in prayer and asked God to link us in prayer.  He asked our Father to fill the room (cell) with His Light and for His Will to be done.  That is when my son said the miracle happened.  One of the men stated that he thought the best thing for them all to do was drop down to their knees and pray.  The whole room, all of them, got down on their knees and were praying!!!  My son said, it all changed immediately.  It went from an uncomfortable and scary situation, to one of calm, quiet and peace!  He also mentioned that the rest of the night was relaxed and no issues were had.  OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME, POWERFUL AND LOVING GOD.  I do not know the individual situations of the men who were in that cell, but the Power of God came upon them and there is always hope that each and every one of them will continue to live in that power.  My prayers are with each of them.  So, there it is… a miracle.  In this swirling world of storms, HE still has the Power to calm them!  All praise and glory to God and may His Will be done in earth as it is in heaven, in Christ Jesus our Lord, AMEN!



2 thoughts on “The POWER of God, a Praise Report

    • Hello Jeanne and welcome! It is truly a blessing, to see God work, especially in a jail cell… my son witnessed something very precious. When he was telling me, not only was his voice cracking, but I had tears! Thanks sister and may God bless you and yours!

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