This is gonna be a weird entry…

Yesterday I was in a public restroom.  I chose my stall and tried the handle, the door opened.  To my surprise, it hit some very large woman in the bare naked rear end, I quickly closed the door!  That is when the seriously weird thing happened.  She started screaming at me!  “you need to ‘&#%!@?!’ check the door before opening it!” (ummm, opening it IS checking it) and she continued on and on, screaming through the door at me, calling me names and verbally attacking me, which included my race.  I am not one who allows anyone to abuse me, so I yelled back… “YOU need to LOCK the door!”  To which she replied, “don’t tell me what I need to do!” and then continued on with her tirade, which included threatening me.

I have a few thoughts about this.

  • She failed to lock the door, but chose to attack me for her failure.
  • Rather than accepting my “excuse me”, she turned a small uncomfortable situation into a huge issue.
  • Pure hatred spilled forth from her mouth… towards a complete stranger!
  • Was that situation worthy of threats of violence to another?  She deemed it so…
  • She was huge, and could of kicked my butt with all her rage, so I was happy she was ‘busy’ in there and only used her words.

WHO ARE WE?  As individual people, as a society, WHO THE HECK ARE WE?!



11 thoughts on “This is gonna be a weird entry…

  1. everyone is in the defensive it seems~ I’ve had similar experience and since I’m in a wheelchair that’s like a recliner, 18 inches wide, I’ve been rudely asked to leave; at those few interesting times, i’d buy a box of candy or donuts and give it to the person that’s there & had been rude… several have thereafter treated me like a guest… some people are simply waiting to claw you right ?

  2. Hello Danni!
    This is a typical case of deflection. The person in the wrong, knows they’re wrong, but they don’t want to appear to be in the wrong. So, they cover their wrongness with venom and anger. She embarrassed herself on so many levels. She has to live with it and own up to it one day. I can just see her now on judgement day. How is she going to justify her behavior to Daddy (God), without seeing who she really is?

    Big hugs…

  3. QUOTE: …“you need to ‘&#%!@?!’ check the door before opening it!” (ummm, opening it IS checking it)…

    Funniest line of the week!

    Coincidentally, your post is almost perfectly in step with my post today, Teach.
    We’re asking the same questions, certainly.

    Just wish I had the answers…

  4. Laughing my butt off! Sorry, can’t help it. Your story brought this to mind:

    I was in NYC, fulfilling a Bucket List objective…driving in the Big Apple. Did you know they don’t have convenience stores on every corner? And that parking is $7.50 per hour…if they aren’t full? (That day they were no vacancies!)

    I discovered this when the quart of Coke I drank on my way into the city hit my bladder!

    Then I couldn’t find my way back to the Holland Tunnel. I wiggled a bit in my seat…
    …and drove.

    By the time I found the tunnel, I was beginning to squirm pretty good. You know what I mean!

    Did you know that the Holland Tunnel is 53 miles long? Well, maybe I exaggerate a tiny bit. It sure seemed that way. About half way through the thing I said out loud, “Good thing this is a rental car!” (By now I was rolling from cheek to cheek.)

    At last I spotted the light at the end of the tunnel. As I emerged, I was overjoyed to see a gas station on the right side of the road (no left-turn-wait-for-traffic thing!).

    I pulled into the parking lot, slammed the car into park, grabbed my purse, locked and slammed the car door and ran to the bathroom.

    “Out of Order”

    Are you kidding? Back to the car, unlock the door, cram the keys into the ignition, slam it into drive and race to the station across the road.

    I repeated the steps above and rushed to the door, which stood ajar.


    Stepping into the room, I noticed three things at once:
    There was no stall, just a single, rather large room,
    The lock on the door didn’t work; and
    Someone had urinated all over the toilet, walls, and sink.

    What to do? What would YOU do?

    I “hovered.”

    Mid-process, a man stepped in…took one look…excused himself and shot out of the place like a rocket!

    On the way out of the bathroom, I noticed, for the first time, the gender sticker on the door. It read:


    Oh dear!

    {You don’t have to leave this on your blog. If you delete the comment I’ll understand. At the same time I know you’ll get a laugh out of it. ;)}

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