The Syria Situation: Dishonoring the Memory of 9/11 ( reblog )

This entry is a reblog written by Kingsjester – Posted on September 6, 2013 at 5:28 am


As I sit down to vent my anger, images of past events flood my memory…

I remember seeing that first plane crash into the World Trade Center.

I remember the look of incredulity and panic on the faces of Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and E.D. Hill. I remember the second plane on its approach, and the horrifying realization that this was no accident… that America was under attack. An attack, which turned out to have been planned and executed by Osama bin Laden, and a group of Saudi Arabians, members of the Muslim Terrorist Group, known as al-Qaeda.

I remember the images of Americans jumping out of windows to their certain death, rather than be consumed by the fires, raging around them. I remember the sickening thud as they hit the pavement.

I remember the images of the brave NYC Policemen and Firemen as they rushed into the World Trade Center…never to return.

I remember watcing the First Tower collapse…then, the second one. I remember a heroic Mayor Rudy Guilani, out in the middle of the devastation, doing whatever he could to get New Yorkers to safety.

I remember President George W. Bush coming on television, with a look of steely determination, as he announced that we would be avenged.

I remember him standing on that heap of rubble that used to be a part of the World Trade Center, side by side with that fireman, telling the assembled crowd, through his bullhorn, that “the world will hear from us”.

And, it did.

I remember Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, telling a bunch of donors at a private meeting, that Americans were “bitterly clinging to their guns and (Christian) religion.”

I remember the new president, Barack Hussein Obama, saying that America was “no longer (just) a Christian Nation.”

I remember, on the 10th Anniversary of the worst Terrorist Attack ever perpetrated on American soil. as our flag passed in review, in front of President Barack Hussein Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, her turning to him and saying in his ear,

All this for a flag.

I remember last year, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, the massacre of Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other brave Americans, at the U.S. Embassy Compound in Benghazi, Libya by, what turned out to be Muslim Terrorists.

I also remember the Obama Administration telling the world, over and over again, that it was the fault of an anti-Islamic video, which no one had ever watched, rather than offend his new “allies”, the authors of “Arab Spring,” the Radical Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

And now, 5 days away from the thirteenth Anniversary of 9/11, Obama and his lackey, Secretary of State John (I served in Vietnam, even though I’m a wuss) Kerry, want us to intervene in a Civil War, in the Middle Eastern country of Syria, because, allegedly, President Assad killed a bunch of his own citizens with a Weapon of Mass Destruction, a chemical weapon.

Obama’s original justification was the fact that in August of 2012, in a remark made off-teleprompter, he warned that the use of chemical weapons, would “cross a red line”, a recorded statement, which he now denies making.

So, like the petulant president that he is, Obama is insisting that we participate “in a limited engagement” to “punish Assad for using chemical weapons”.

However, as I have been theorizing in previous posts, I believe that there is more to this whole bloody mess…a lot more. I believe that some sort of deal was struck with the Muslim Brotherhood, and through them, their “brothers” in al Qaeda to get rid of Assad, and allow them to move into the seat of power in Syria, as they did in Libya and Egypt, with Obama and his Administration’s Approval.

What Obama did not count on, was the blow-back he would encounter from Americans of all political affiliations, race, and social status. So, in order to cover his rear, he asked Congress to vote on it, knowing, in his own deviant mid, that regardless of the outcome of the vote, he, being the President of the United States, would still have the power to go ahead with the intervention on behalf of his Muslim Brothers.

What he may not have counted on, was the camouflage, which he has worked so hard on constructing, concerning this “humanitarian intervention”, has begun to slip away.

It was revealed yesterday, that, the Syrian Rebels, which Obama and Kerry had been portraying as “Moderates,” are actually full-blown al Qaeda members, who have been executing government solders, killing Syrian Christians, and issuing promises to kill more Christians, if Obama puts them in power.

During this whole thing, Obama has been refusing to directly address the Nation. Instead, having his horse-faced lackey, Sec. of State John Kerry do it. Unfortunately for Obama, that didn’t work.

So, here were are.

Next Wednesday, the United States Congress will be voting on whether or not to assist the same Muslim Terrorist Group which produced the cold-blooded, barbaric murderers of 3,000 American Citizens, in their attempt to take over the government of Syria.

On the 13th Anniversary of 9/11, our nation’s elected leaders are going to be voting whether or not to support the Syrian takeover by al Qaeda.

If they pass the measure, they will dishonor the memory of all those Americans killed that horrible day.

And…in the midterm elections of 2014, they themselves will be the victims of the worst Political Massacre in American History.

As the late, great Bobby Darin wrote and sang,

Come and sing a simple song of freedom

Sing it like you’ve never sung before

Let it fill the air

Tell the people everywhere

We, the people here, don’t want a war

Call your Congressmen, Americans, and, tell them that their jobs depends on them voting not to intervene in Syria’s Civil War.

Let’s Roll!

Until He Comes,




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