I Don’t Like People! ( w/ reblog )

I have been struggling lately… with people.  Anytime I go anywhere out and about, I am bombarded with rude, angry, hateful, ‘me, me, me’ people.  I get very frustrated, to the point of extreme anger at those people.   UGH.   But I KNOW what God says, I KNOW we are to love and pray for those who ‘unfairly’ persecute us, etc… I know this, so why do I struggle with loving people?  BLAH!!!   I do love God’s Creation, it is the individuals I don’t like!   :/   I am seriously struggling with this, I DO NOT WANT MY HEART TO WAX COLD and I know, that times are going to get much, much worse… so, this is something I am personally ‘working on’, to BE A CHRISTIAN is more than just showing up in a pew or reciting Scripture, it is to bear fruit… HIS FRUIT.  <— that was the venting comment I wrote to a dear sister when I was feeling particularly agitated.  But God spoke to me through Tami, by reminding me of a post that she had written on Lessons by Heart back in April and I wanted to share it here… maybe it will bless you as much as it does me!


Dead People Stink…

…and they walk among us. Their words fill the air with a thick  blue fog of foul odor; through their actions it’s not uncommon for them to leave behind bits of “rotted flesh.” Their grave clothes leave them bound and helpless to do anything about their condition.

It’s not uncommon to be flipped off, told off, or put down by complete strangers anymore – or even by people you know. I see this happen frequently. On occasion I’m the recipient. It used to really bug me when people were ill-mannered and self-centered.

One day I realized: This person does not know Jesus. According to the Bible they are *dead* in their trespasses and sin.

Duh! Dead people stink. They can’t help it.

Should this understanding give me a sense of superiority to them? Hardly. If it wasn’t for Jesus, I would still be just like them.

Once we are made “alive in Christ,” though, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Consider Lazarus.

He was dead as they come – four days in the tomb. I love how the King James records Martha’s response when they were told to take away the stone that covered his grave, “Lord, by this time he stinketh!”

There is no stench like a rotting carcass. Stick your nose in a bag with a pork roast that’s been left too long in the refrigerator, if you doubt this. I gagged all the way to the dumpster!

Fortunately for Lazarus, the grave was opened. Then Jesus called him by name; good thing He did. Had Jesus just said, “Come forth” there would have been a lot more excitement that day.

Once Lazarus made his way out of the tomb, Jesus instructed those who were there to loose him. It is interesting that Jesus didn’t do it Himself. He was the epitome of servanthood. I doubt Jesus thought this was “beneath” Him; but rather, handled it this way as an example for us to follow.

A newly “resurrected” person, made alive in Christ, is still bound in his grave clothes…addictions, beliefs, behaviors, attitudes. They’re still very smelly. Unless this person gets help from the “living” (other believers),  around him or her, they will be unable to remove the things that bind in their own strength. We are called to come alongside their stinky, newly alive frames and assist in the unwrapping. His arms are bound to begin with – rendering the fellow helpless in getting loose on his own.

Once this person has been thoroughly bathed by the washing of the water with the Word, he begins to be less “aromatic.” In time, he will learn to wear his new robe of righteousness – and be ready to assist someone else in the process.

And it is a process!

When I grasped this, I began to navigate life with more grace. I can (but don’t always – sorry, Lord) have compassion for those who are still dead, and pray for their release from death. I will mourn over their condition.

And once they’re truly alive, I have the joy of being invited to participate in their process of being made free. It will be stinky for a while, but before long they will become the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. They must be unwrapped gently, though. There’s brand new baby skin under those grave clothes!

In the meantime, they stink and they can’t help it. Let’s not content ourselves with criticism for their rotten behavior, or judge them.

So when you find your co-worker or the person in line at the store stinking up the joint, just remember:

They’re dead; they can’t help it!


9 thoughts on “I Don’t Like People! ( w/ reblog )

  1. Wow, I never thought about these people this way. I often think how sad they appear and how their insides are rotting and they totally lack the joy and freedom found in Christ. I’m thinking maybe instead of getting annoyed I should begin saying a prayer for these e people living within the thick chains of bondage. Thanks for sharing!

    • Exactly Crystal!! Plus, when we immediately start lifting them up in prayer, not only does it keep us busy and we don’t have the time to get angry, but it guards us from becoming bitter as well! God is SO Good… He has a way through everything! 😀 Thanks for stopping by, may God bless you and yours in Christ Jesus!

  2. Living amongst Godless folks can indeed leave us jaded. I have a LEO friend with this issue. He has worked with the dredges of society so long he hates and stereo types everyone he encounters. This reblog is an eyeopener and I will share it with him. Thanks

  3. Its a wonderful post, and it’s sad that some hearts have made such poor choices but, I believe we can simply do things as Christ would… look beyond and walk away. Not get angry or reactionary to these empty sepulchers.

  4. Whenever I get like that (which admittedly isn’t often, and yet…), I usually go out of my way to try to make someone smile.
    Could be a cashier or waitress who looks like they haven’t smiled all day, or just holding a door open for someone. Or complimenting a stranger on their shirt, kids, dog, whatever….
    Just get ’em to smile.

    Which makes them feel better.
    Which them makes ME feel better.
    And then helps remind me that, as a Christian, I’m supposed to do that sort of stuff all the time.
    For Him, not for me.

    And that thought usually makes ME smile.


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