Hey guys

I’ve been having major problems with my reader, not seeing all posts by those I follow…  and I use the reader every day.  So, today, I messed around with it, and hope all will be fixed!  Sorry for the multiple unfollow/follow notifications!  LOL


15 thoughts on “Hey guys

  1. Went through that myself awhile ago Teach, had to refollow almost everyone! Right now I am having problems with google, having to use two browsers, one for almost everything and the other for my mail. it is a pain! God bless you!

  2. I’ve been having problems with my blog e-mails, too. All of a sudden, I wasn’t receiving e-mail updates from anyone. I didn’t bother with the reader – that takes too long. Finally got it fixed. Only 200 more e-mails to read until I’m caught up! 😛


  3. WP has been glitchy, Teach. I now no longer get replies to my comments on other folks’ sites, as I used to. So now, I have to go in manually to places where I’ve commented (which is a BUNCH) and follow-up.
    No clue why…

    The “Blogger Gremlins” never actually go away: they just relocate.

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