You SHALL NOT Mock! (graphic)

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5 thoughts on “You SHALL NOT Mock! (graphic)

  1. There is no more “free” speech. There is now only “permissible” speech.
    And this going on NOW.

    Yet, what are the Leftists all in a tizzy over?
    The new show, Christian Nation, which portrays a “what if?” scenario of how horrible the country would be if Sarah Palin were President.

    This is just sad, and these folks are deeply, psychologically disturbed.

    • *sigh* sadly, yes.

      I should of put “…and be BANNED FOR LIFE from the rodeo!”

      My point with the graphic, (besides taking a mocking jab at the ‘thin skinned one’), was to point out that We The People are being mocked every single day by this hugely over bloated government headed by the liar in chief.

      I know it is not my best work or anything, but I just HAD to get it off my chest. I am trying, truly trying to keep this blog as an avenue to praise and bring glory to Christ… and to stay away from ‘politics’ etc… but dang it, I’m only human! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by JTR!

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