“Oh, you mean like the Roman Empire!”

I have posted before, about my love for


Lucas McCain — “The Rifleman.”

This evening, they played one of my favorite episodes… check out the truth of these words!

“Pa, is it possible to lose a town?” he suddenly blurted out.

“Lose a town?” I asked as I looked at him.  Then I suddenly realized he was thinking about what happened to those prisoners last night.  Mark figured they could’ve taken the town away from us.  “They could’ve taken it physically, Mark, but they couldn’t have kept it.  Takes more then just guns to hold a town.  No son, the time a town or even a country is really lost is when the people who live in it get careless and stop paying attention to how it’s being run.”

Again, Mark surprised me by blurting out, “Oh, you mean like the Roman Empire!”  I turned and looked at my child.  He never ceased to amaze me!

“Your up to that already?”  I asked a bit shocked.  He said Miss. Adams started them on it last week.  “Well then you know the value of studying your history.  Now, you were a hundred percent right when you said ‘like the Roman Empire.’  By knowing the mistakes people have made hundreds of years ago, we can learn a lesson and profit from not making the same mistakes ourselves.”  I thought on that myself as I spoke these words to my son.

“I hope so,” Mark stated.  I suddenly turned and stared at my young son.  He hoped so?  That was an odd response to one of my inspired lectures!  I reckon I was putting him to sleep as usual because he suddenly yawned and stated he could go to sleep now.  “Goodnight, Pa!”

As he disappeared into the bedroom, I said, “Goodnight, son.”  Then I thought about his “I hope so” comment and shook my head.

That boy!

( Episode 79  –  ‘Seven’ )



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