More CHEESE Please!

Howard The Duck

I love cheesy movies… especially 80’s cheese!  Howard the Duck is a 1986 science fiction comedy based on a Marvel comic book character and it was a complete box office failure… however, it’s one of my favorite movies.  “Howard the Duck is a sarcastic humanoid duck, pulled from his home world to Earth, where he must stop an alien invader.”  (Not a family friendly movie, adult content)  Anyway, I’m watching it right now and at this scene, I was floored… “WOW!  What an unbelievable difference in perception from 1986 to today!”


14 thoughts on “More CHEESE Please!

  1. My buddy and I saw it in the theater: we were the ONLY two people in the place.
    Yes, it was a box office bomb, …but I’d watch it again!

    One of MY faves from back in the day was “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”.
    Not much better than Howard The Duck, …but that’s not really the POINT of a Cheesy Movie, now is it?


    • My favorite CHEESE is cheesy ‘horror’ LOL movies like: Killer Klowns from Outerspace (which is my all time favorite cheese), Chopping Mall, Cutting Class, Phantasm, etc… I don’t know the movie you listed, but will most definitely look it up!! LOL Thanks! 😀

      • The worst of that genre, recently, was in the 90’s: “Dr. Giggles”.

        It wanted to be a slasher-type movie, but it was too schlocky.
        Bad direction, bad acting, bad screenplay. Just bad, bad, bad…..

        Meaning, of course, that you’d LOVE it!

      • It holds a “special” place in my memory banks, as my (then) fiance and I were given Special Screening tickets for the show, and got to see it a day or two before it opened, (with the catered buffet spread, etc.,..)

        It was a nice gig, but WOW …that was one lousy film!!!

    • Oooh! “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)” sounds fantastic! I cannot believe I have not seen it! It’s on my list now though! HAHA

      • From what you’ve told me already, you’ll love it…!

        Heck, and if you like THAT movie, you might as well make it a double-feature and get “The Last Starfighter”, which came out the same year.

        Buy extra popcorn!!

      • Dude, I own The Last Starfighter! 😀 Great flick. I really do love the ‘cult classics’… my collection is odd, when people look through it, they don’t know half the movies! LOL Put it this way, I even own “Earth Girls Are Easy” and that one, the cheese fell off!

  2. Just watched that clip, …wow.
    I’d forgotten that scene, and I certainly had forgotten that the movies back then were SO “MEAN SPIRITED” TOWARDS THE “UNEMPLOYED”!


  3. I vividly remember that! There were a BUNCH of folks in that film, too: the guy who played Frank on M*A*S*H, and Jeff Goldblum, and Julie Brown from MTV, and Jim Carrey back when was mildly funny!

    Your movie collection is somewhat akin to our TV series collection, although that’s somewhat older: everything that I grew up watching in the 70’s, which was old THEN:
    –Johnny Quest
    –Gilligan’s Island
    –The Wild, Wild West
    –McHale’s Navy
    –F Troop
    –the ORIGINAL “Scooby Doo”
    …….and there are literally a couple hundred more.

    Hey, we don’t have cable, and this way we know EXACTLY what the boys are watching.

      • All of my sons’ friends come over the first time, look over our (rather large) DVD collection and say things like “I’ve never heard of Don Knotts, or Bob Denver. Who are they???”

        And then they’ll watch ‘The Ghost and Mr. Chicken’, or ‘Gilligan’s Island’….
        And then their FRIENDS are hooked.
        It’s insidious, but I can’t help it.

        Have a great weekend, Teach!!

      • You guys sound a lot like us… our adult children tell us all the time how much their peers are impressed with their vast knowledge of music and movies LOL hey, it ain’t much, but it is a bit of the fun side of life here on this earth!

        You and yours have a fantastic weekend too bro, God bless you all in Christ! 😀

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