Prayer Request from Loopyloo w/ Edit

Our dear sister posted this request at 


Original post from June 18th:

“My son Todd is on the way to the ER with seizures, please add him to your prayers.  God bless you!”


Update – June 20th:

“Todd has had a turn for the worse and his caregivers are considering taking him to a different town with a better ER. Please keep him in your prayers! God bless you! Patricia aka Loopy”


Update on Loopyloo’s Son Todd – June 22nd:

“Todd is doing so much better and is almost back to his normal condition. Evidently the medicine he was given at the first hospital along with his seizures, intensified and acted as a multiplier to make them stay in his system and work more intensively. Add in his normal meds and it was a bad combination. All he wanted to do was sleep, he was confused, and would not eat or drink anything. This led to his being dehydrated severely. Which made his confusion even worse.

A couple of days in the new hospital, flushing his system and re hydration, all seemed to work to rebalance his system. They let him go home this afternoon and believe me, we are all extremely thankful.

Never doubt that prayer works my friends. If not for prayer and God”s intercession, the new hospital could have refused him and we would have been stuck with the care given initially. He also worked in instructing his caregivers to not accept the initial decision. God bless you all and you are all in my prayers as well!”


—  Thank you for lifting them up to our Lord God, in Christ Jesus, AMEN!



3 thoughts on “Prayer Request from Loopyloo w/ Edit

  1. Thank you Teach, he is in the ICU and we are waiting for more information. I will update you when I know something. Thank you and God bless!

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