The Fourth Amendment, The Christian and the Dark Days Ahead ( reblog )

It has been laid upon my heart to share from a few bloggers I follow…

caught my attention and has not released it!  He writes plain, simple truth and I have seriously enjoyed following his blog.  So if you enjoy these samplings, please take some time and check out The Founding Fathers Would Start Over !

The Fourth Amendment


The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

What does this mean to you?  Do you believe it covers everything you did not make public, including emails, texts and phone calls?  Do you believe technological advancements somehow negates the fourth amendment?  Do you believe that the IRS is right in that you have no expectation of privacy with emails and texts simply because your account can be hacked and your messages can be intercepted?  Do you think that is any different than a letter being intercepted and opened while going through the postal system?

The U.S. government is out of control.  It is defiantly violating the constitution, and is openly treading on individual liberty.  There is no way around it; tyranny is now in control of America, and those in control of the tyranny plainly see we will do nothing about it.  Hold on to your chains, the ride is going  to get worse from here.

The Christian and the Dark Days Ahead

Don’t go looking to me for the answers, I am not a prophet and I do not consider myself very wise.  This is just some thoughts rolling around in my head.  Feel free to jump in to confirm my thoughts or to set me straight.

We have never seen such a lawless or deceitful administration in America, but at the same time, this nation elected and re-elected this lawless and deceitful administration.  To me, the implications are obvious.  This nation has the very leader it has earned.  This should be very disconcerting to those among us who are lucid, alert Christians.  This nation was the very last stronghold for Christianity, and was the last of the continents to be “discovered” and conquered.  This old earth holds no more spots of refuge.

Abraham is man who God tested and picked to be the father of the children He would use to preserve a human bloodline for Jesus, our lord and savior.  Israel is the land to which God promised the Jews, and Jerusalem is the center of the universe around which all events revolve. Israel became a nation in a day in 1948, and even before that day, God was already leading His people back to their promised land.  Today, tiny Israel is center stage for so much international intrigue.  We see so many Muslim nations (armed and allied with Russia) becoming more bellicose toward the Jewish state, and we see Russia arming the most demonically-enraged of the Muslims with the most sophisticated weapons they have ever had,  Meanwhile, the (once) Christian nation, America, is arming its alleged enemy (al Qaeda) to fight nation states so that tyrants may be replaced with Islamists.

What’s my point?  I think the point is clear; we should very clearly see this spot on the historic timeline.  Things are coming together very quickly.  Things are coming together so quickly that we don’t have time to meditate and move slowly into the future.  Evil has such a foothold in this world, in the governments and in the numerous societies, that it sees no reason to move as slowly as it once did.  This causes us to react, and what is in our heads and our hearts is what will steer our actions.

What is in our heads and our hearts?

I’m not going to tell you what is in your head or heart.  That is something you need to figure out. I’ll just say that you had better take an honest, objective look at yourself and ask God to reveal the truth.

It is easier to tell you what is missing in my head than to share with you what I have put in it.  What is missing is fresh and vivid knowledge of what God revealed to us through the Bible.  This happened because I decided I understood enough to move on to other things, things that are meaningless to my immortal soul.  I preferred to study the words of men who were wiser than I am, but still not God.  If God appeared before me at this very moment and handed me a test to take, would the test be about the Magna Carta and the American constitution, or would it be about His book and the wisdom He offered us?  How utterly stupid of me, to put myself in a position to flunk the test that is more important.  God, please forgive me.

Love or Hate

Civility and etiquette are things of the past.  Travel the roadways or take a trip to the mall and you’ll see what I mean.  Personal desires take priority over any other thing.  Look at the TV for any length of time and you’ll see that carnal desires are more important than discipline and morality.  This is enough to make the self-righteous angry, if not filled with hate.  Where, though, does hate for one’s fellow man fall in line with the Bible?  It doesn’t.  As a matter of fact, My vague memory what God’s word indicates we should love one another.  We should bolster our Christian brother and lead the unsaved to Christ.  Neither of these things are done with hate in our hearts.  God, please forgive me.

This nation (the U.S.) is headed for destruction.  There is no easy way to say it, nor should there be.  We, the (Christian) People, handed the reins over to the Godless, and they are teaching the American people how to take the fast train to Hell.  Why did this happen?  It happened because the “salt of the earth” (Christians) decided to not add flavor and quality to the world, but decided to turn on, tune in and drop out.  The Christian people decided that watching TV and accepting propaganda was more important than standing in righteousness and leading others to the Rock.  Way to go, Brothers and Sisters, we are the ones who opened the door for Satan to walk in and take over.  Blame no one else.

I believe we are standing at the precipice

Time is short, I believe.  The lead-up to this time has been slow, and we slept when we should have been working to stem the tide.  Now, our true enemy and his many followers are set to make one huge grab for world domination and power.  Darkness is coming, and it is coming on a global scale, and secular militias and righteously indignant students of the constitution will not prevent the chains of tyranny that are about to be placed on so many people.  If this be the case, what is it that we should do?

Get our heads and hearts right.

The short of it is simple.  We, the Christian People, had better get in the books (of the Bible) and study hard.  We’d better commit what we learn to memory as best as possible, as there will come a time when our Bibles will be ripped from our hands.  We need to act on what we learn, and those actions need to be centered around bringing the lost into the family.  Rather than hate those who are offending us, we’d better realize that all those who die without Christ will share a fate with Satan, a fate that was never meant for humans.  We, the followers of Christ, are obligated to share the Good News so that every man has the opportunity to make the right choice when Jesus knocks at the door of his heart.  Is it possible to lead the unsaved to Christ while having a heart filled with hate?  Of course not; hate is of Satan, not the One who gave His life for the unsaved!

In conclusion…

We, the Patriots, have been arming up, hoarding ammo and studying tactics.  Why?  Do we think we are going to stop the upcoming wave of evil with our feeble bodies, small arms and pockets full of ammo?  Do you think we are going to make a difference by brandishing implements of destruction?  Do you think we are going to take back our nation, let alone the world?

Remember, the very first battle cry of the American revolution was “No King But King Jesus!” but that was in a day when Christianity was the expected belief and our culture was defined by Christianity’s ethics, morals and principles.  Today’s America is not the same, so don’t expect the same actions to provide the same results.

Since 1948, time has been defined.  That isn’t going to change.  Now is the time to remember the Great Commission.  Educate ourselves in the knowledge we should never have ignored, take council in the Holy Spirit instead of the TV set and fill our hearts with love instead of hate.  This will help us with the Great Commission, and that is battle we should engage.



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