So the sound of those helicopters may not all be in my head after all…


Are you awake?  Have you been paying attention to the news?  It’s all coming out so fast, huh?  Much of these shocking news reports, have been known and talked about for a long time… but, of course, only by ‘those tin foil hat wearers‘, right?  Thought this was just a good a time as any, to post the old 1954 television movie 1984, based on the book by George Orwell… of course, the book is so much better, but for those who may not like to read…  Big Brother is watching (listening, photographing, tracking and databasing) you.

p/s:  Is it time to go Galt yet?  <— yes, I know, different book / movie  😉




5 thoughts on “So the sound of those helicopters may not all be in my head after all…

  1. BEAUTIFUL ~Been and continue to pray for you and Joseph ~you have enough faith and confidence in God to get you across this Red sea time and to your promise land. I love you & praying for you ~ God is with you, xo Debbie

  2. thought I would stop by and say hello t3 I am having a great summer and have been slacking on my blogging duties looks as though us tin foil wearing hat people are the ones who are not crazy after all hope all is well with you
    by the way I am posting this using my cell phone and I am NOT typing it in I’m speaking pretty darn cool in this hillbillies opinion

    • Hey HB! Usin’ that there technology, huh? You do know that you are being listened to as you speak the text, right? 😉 Thanks for stopping by my friend… glad you are having a great summer, but be on guard, a storm is coming. My tin foil hat is so old and worn… LOL, but I keep it just as a ‘badge of honor’. As we watch the HUGE can of worms being slowly pried open and the worms are squiggling and trying to escape the truth coming out, I cannot help but be happy. Not happy with the orwellian society we live in, but happy that the masses are becoming aware of it. The ‘top secret PRISM program’ is no longer so top secret and no longer just conversation between the ‘conspiracy theorists’! 😀 Take care HB and stop by and say hello anytime you get the chance!

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