“Fight and Win the Battle for Truth” about Israel

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“Fight and win the battle for truth” about Israel

Posted by    Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 11:52am

Via Times of Israel:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out Tuesday against what he described as a rising trend of anti-Semitism around the world, calling for an international effort to combat the phenomenon.

Addressing delegates in Jerusalem for the Foreign Ministry’s fourth annual anti-Semitism conference, Netanyahu launched a scathing critique of Israel critics whom, he asserted, were promoting an anti-Semitic agenda.

“What was unfashionable is now becoming fashionable again,” the prime minster said in the video address.

“What is fashionable today is to say: ‘Well, I don’t hate Jews – I just don’t think they should have a state’ or, effectively, that their state is an illegitimate one that doesn’t have a right to exist,” said Netanyahu, asserting that to deny the Jewish people’s right to a state was anti-Semitic.


It’s a battle being fought on our college campuses.  The BDS movement’s overt anti-Semitism is barely below the surface, as it embraces kook theories put forward by people like Columbia Univ. Prof. Joseph Massad.

Meanwhile, the BDS movement’s goals are supported by academics like U.Mass-Boston Professor and Associate Provost Rajini Srikanth and CalPoly Professor Mary Yu Danico, the past and current Presidents of the Association for Asian American Studies, which singled out Israel but not repressive Arab states for an academic boycott.

Supposedly educated people who know nothing about the history and international law parrot talking points about Israel’s “illegal” occupation, while gay rights groups openly side with Islamists against the one state in the Middle East in which gays are not persecuted.

The world has gone insane when it comes to Israel, and truth was the first casualty.



2 thoughts on ““Fight and Win the Battle for Truth” about Israel

  1. Satan is the father of lies. Satan hates Israel because Israel gave the world the Law, the Prophets, the New Testament and the Messiah (Jesus). Those who reject God readily believe Satan’s lies about Israel.

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