Benghazi, IRS, the AP… Scandal Palooza!

For those of us who have been awake for many years, who have been educated because of our own research, who have thirsted for truth and righteousness to prevail, the information and facts that are being exposed at this time are a joyous occasion!  If we are a believer, we have prayed for God to shine His light upon the dark, corrupt secrets of our government, of our world.  THIS IS IT, this is the time… we must stand up, speak out, and COME TOGETHER with those who are just now waking up, who are just now realizing the corruption.  An example would be:  suppose you have known an unbeliever for years, and during that time, you have prayed for them to come to THE TRUTH, you have prayed for their salvation, that they will accept and know the Lord.  Eventually they do come to Christ, they are aware of Truth and are saved!  Do we say “ugh, geeze, it’s about time!  DUH!  I have known this truth, this information for years!  Finally, you dummy, you have woken up!”  No, of course not… God forbid!  We accept them with open, loving arms!  We say “YES!  A child has come home! Woke up to truth, Hallelujah!”  Let us remember this… so, when there are those who, like the main stream media, are talking about ‘what they have just learned’ and ‘what they now know’, etc… our hearts can be in the right place, so that we do not mock them because they finally ‘get it’, but we join forces against the dark corrupt evil.  I have hope… for the FIRST TIME in multiple years, I have hope not just for America, but for mankind.  Let us do the right thing and stand for truth with our fellow man…


John 8:32

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


Knowing Jesus


God is in Control


The Obama Administration Scandal-plex


Romans 12:21

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.



4 thoughts on “Benghazi, IRS, the AP… Scandal Palooza!

  1. My thanks, Teach!

    You write in a similar manner to tannngl or LoopyLoo: VERY positive, hopeful and upbeat.
    Definitely helpful to read such material, especially to a curmudgeon-in-training like yours truly…

    • Yes, it is a terrible disgrace for our nation… 😦 so, the only thing to do is, make it right. Hold all those guilty, whether by association or criminal action, accountable… make the punishment swift and severe to influence other public servants not to do the same corrupt practices and move on to better days!

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