The Benghazi Boomerang

Written by Donna Scuderi on May 6, 2013

ReBlog from Born Again Baby Boomer Ex-Lefty American Gal

The Benghazi Boomerang

Persistence pays. So does the truth. Both are matters of honor. This was never truer than in the case of the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four men who served us with their last full measure of devotion.

These men and those who escaped with their lives on September 11, 2012 have been disserved and grossly dishonored. Yes, by terrorists; but worse—by American leaders whose dearth of service and honor stand in stark relief against the haunting memories of the murdered and forgotten.

Those not prone to the idolatry of ideologies and personalities detected the stink of a burgeoning scandal in the hours and days following the attack. The high and mighty spoke in conclusive terms, pontificating about what did and did not happen in Benghazi. Their ironclad confidence defied rationality. They brazenly stated their meme as fact. And their minions in the mainstream media burnished their claims.

Now, half a year later, the boomerang is headed home. Sensing impending impact, the press secretary slathered himself with dishonor; he dismissed the slaughter as having “happened a long time ago.”

The ice-water veins of the administration on display. As though grief would evaporate with a wave of the secretary’s sceptor. As though truth were a factor of time. As though honor had an expiration date.

Those who valued the truth feared the murdered men (and everyone at the makeshift consulate) had been thrown to the wolves by an administration coveting political survival, even at the cost of human lives. The risk seemed fair enough to the lofty. Chances are, nothing would happen—at least not before the election…not on this anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks, surely.

But when the risk-taking backfired…when the odds broke the wrong way…the men were left for dead. No help was sent. No apologies made. No hubris resisted.

The men consulate staffers were expendable. Attention to their prior pleas for security would have been politically inconvenient to the White House. Admitting to the circumstances of their deaths would have submarined Barack Obama and his presumptive Democrat successor. The President’s myth-making could not be disrupted with an election in the offing. Let someone else pay the price.

Four shattered families? A political pittance.

Yes, persistence pays. The dishonored will get their hearing this week when three whistleblowers spill the beans on the high and mighty. If you think for a moment that these men are motivated by party politics, think again. The suffering of September 11, 2012 was just the start for them. The suppression they have endured since that night has been significant. But as Nebuchadnezzar did thousands of years ago, the ruthless and powerful will turn up the furnace seven times hotter and throw these men in.

What the ruthless fail to realize is that truth and honor still matter to some. These men have proven that they are willing to pay the price.

The boomerang is headed home. The heat in the White House is about to become unbearable.



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