Destructive Immigration Policy and the Undermining of our Foundation


ReBlog from An American In A Foreign World

ImageChristianity is the foundation of America.  Being able to worship our Lord and Savior without interference from an earthly king was the driving force that created this nation.  The very first battle cry in the revolution to break away from the king was, “No King but King Jesus!”  Founding fathers, from the famously pious George Washington to the infamously hedonistic Benjamin Franklin, made it abundantly clear that this nation was based on Christian morals, principles and ethics.  John Adams prophetically said this government (the constitutional republic, and not the de facto one we have, today) was created for the religious (taken in context, he meant followers of Christ) and that it was wholly inadequate for any other society.

Something else to consider is that a strong nation is a nation of people with shared values, ethics and morals.  As a matter of fact, those are what creates a nation.  Without these, the society within the jurisdictional boundaries of the nation is weak, loosely bound and teetering on the  verge of collapse.  Any first year sociology student knows this.

Taking these things into account, along with the fact that our immigration policy can only be described as self destruction, and one has to wonder why those controlling our government is attempting to destroy the U.S. from within.

Islam has no tolerance for those people who do not accept Allah as their god and Muhammad as Allah’s prophet.  Those who refuse to accept Allah and Muhammad are to be subjugated, treated as animals and killed for the slightest of offenses.  This is in accordance with the Qur’an and the accompanying hadiths (first hand observations of Muhammad’s words and deeds).  Lies and deceit are expected in order to gain access to lands not held by Muslims.  Violence and murder is to follow when there are enough Muslims in a land that is to be taken in the name of Allah.

Try and look at America through the eyes of a devout Muslim.  This is a nation that is rotting from the inside.  The people watch vulgar entertainment, listen to music with lyrics that can only be described as Satanic in origin, and it seems the entire nation has turned from the God of their forefathers.  On top of that, this nation’s government is allowing followers of Muhammad into the country more than any other group of people – legal immigrants, at least.  Can you see how these Muslims probably think that an Islamic take-over of America has been ordained by their god?

Just as this administration is at war with al Qaeda with one hand, yet funds and arms it with the other hand, the government is seemingly schizophrenic with its domestic policy when dealing with this culture that is not only contrary to our own, but openly hostile to it.  As the Muslims say, the Qur’an is their constitution.

The Boston bombers were the jihadists who were to give their lives for the cause, but they were not alone.  They had help from a network of jihadists.  That is how it works.  That is why the house of Saud has poured money into this nation for the building of strategic operations centers (mosques).  The Muslim immigrants, coupled with the domestic adherents to Islam who have been cultivated out of the prison systems of America, are the ones who provide the funds for training and hide the active jihadists while they prepare for their violent missions.

There is no reason to think these attacks on America will stop.  They won’t.   Why would they?  Are we going to become a strong, Christian nation, again?  I sincerely doubt it.  Will our government repair its insane immigration policy?  No, it is only going to get worse.  Is there any way to dismantle the enemy establishment that has already been created within this nation?  No.  So, what does that leave us?

A crisis is the tool for destroying this nation.  Look at the loss of liberty since the attacks of 9/11, while at the same time, notice how countering cultures are not being excluded from immigration. If anything, Christians who are being persecuted in nations controlled by Islam are the ones who are being denied entry into this (once) Christian nation.  That makes no sense to the innocent Americans who scratch their heads, ponder it for a moment or two and then go back to their favorite TV shows, but this makes total sense to those who understand what it really happening.

Islam is a dog on a leash, being controlled by its master.  It does what comes naturally, and its master uses that to its advantage.  The goal is not to put the dog in a cage, but to control and confine everyone else.  The master gets larger and more powerful every time the dog barks or bites.  More money for DHS, more control for TSA, and more regulations for the American citizen.  First, pat-downs at airports, then vehicle searches on the highways.  Couple that with warrantless assassinations of Americans, electronic spy networks and the governmental conclusion that Bible-believing, liberty-loving, gun-owning American patriots are potential terrorists and enemies of the state and you should be able to see why the seemingly schizophrenic policies are actually calculated means to achieving goals.



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