I’M ALIVE! w/ Update & Photo


Last night when I was on my way to get my daughter from school, I got caught in a storm.  The rain and wind was so strong, it was like a wall… I could not see beyond it, not even the hood of my vehicle, so, I stopped and put it in park right in my lane on the road.  My van was shaking violently, and I had a wave of fear attack me, so I put the hazard lights and my seat belt on, locked the doors, shut my eyes and started singing a praise song to God.  Just then, my mini van was picked up and moved sideways across the road to the far side of the opposite lane!  I continued singing.  NO FEAR, no crying out for help, nothing unsettling at all… just God.  When the car settled, I opened my eyes and it was barely raining, so I continued on to get my daughter.  As we were traveling the damage and debris was so bad that I had to take it slow… we turned onto our road before home and was stopped by a head on collision before us.  It was devastating… the cars looked like accordions.  It was heartbreaking.  We sat and waited for about an hour for it to be taken care of.  We carried on slowly but determined to get home to our pets (hoping we had a home to return to!).  I don’t know how I did not notice it, but my daughter screamed “tree!”, I swerved and went around the HUGE tree that had snapped and was lying in the road, while I was still trying to gain control, she screamed “power lines!!” and it was too late… I could not stop, I could not swerve, because the power lines were all over the road, there was no where to go.  I drove over them.  We got home to some minor damage to our home, pets safe and no power.  Come to find out, the electricity had been out since 7:30pm.  Made due with the situation and went to bed.  This morning, I took her back to school… the damage is unreal.  Roofs off buildings, HUGE trunked trees snapped in half, large metal billboards crumpled like paper, building collapses, trees uprooted, etc… etc…  On campus, stop signs and such, gone.  Vehicles with windows blown out.  Flooding.  Looking at the scene today has made me realize just how bad it was the night before.  I wanted to share this because, it is a praise report.  This is hard for me, because there were many who fared so much worse… I am humbled and thankful that my Lord God protected me, through three different situations, but I am saddened by it all too.  We still have no power, it has now been 24 hours… I am at a restaurant with a wifi connection.  I just want to give glory to God… I guess it was not my time yet and while I look forward to the day I am with my Lord Jesus, I’m also appreciative that I get more time with my loved ones here in this temporal location.


We have electricity!  *happy dance*  Well, we may not have had the conveniences of electricity for these past 44 hours, but we never lost power!  😉  Wanted to update with a photo that my friend took.  This is what went through and caused all the problems!

April 10th, 2013


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