Do you have children or grandkids?

Their future is in jeopardy, they are about to be ultimately controlled.


I urgently implore you to research both of these school programs, thoroughly.


I know this, because I fought this machine.  In the early to mid 90’s I was deeply engaged and informed regarding it.  At that time, it was called:  OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION and SCHOOL TO WORK.  I spent two years in two different state capitals, in meetings, in media, in parent groups, in two different schools, etc… trying to defend my children’s right to be individuals.  After a long haul and many battles (and the Lord God working on my heart), I pulled my two boys out of first grade.  I homeschooled all three of my children, they are all grown now, but I do have grandbabies.  The fact that this machine has not lost steam, just changed tracks is heartbreaking to me.  I’m sharing a blog below which is full of information, in the hopes that parents might awaken to the dangers in store for their children.

What is Common Core?  (a wordpress blog)  Education Without Representation!



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