Prayer Request

Hello Bear (1)

Somedays, it just feels as if this old body is falling apart!  MS is a part of my life and one that God has given me the strength to daily deal with… and now I am ‘at that age’ to where a woman has difficulties in ‘the change’ of things LOL… so those are constant issues, but I also have arthritis in my spine and there are some days that I am almost paralyzed in pain, this is one of those days.  *sigh*  I am not a complainer and I will always, always overcome by the Grace of God, but I also know we are to lean on and look for support from our fellow believers in Christ, His precious Church… so my brothers and sisters, please say a prayer for Gods Will to be done for me.  Thank you SO much and may our Lord Bless you!



14 thoughts on “Prayer Request

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    • Thank you so very much. I cannot handle the pain anymore… it is excruciating and debilitating. I am on my way out to take myself to the ER. So again, THANK YOU, I cannot even think straight because of the pain, and knowing that somebody else is out there and lifting me up in prayer, when I myself am having a very hard time doing it, is so very precious to me.

  2. Update: Well, spent the day in the ER… and I was pain free because of the cocktail they gave me. Had Xrays done and they diagnosed my problem… I have: oldageinitis :/ But seriously, it is arthritis in the spine. So, nothing to be done really, they sent me home with prescriptions. BLAH. I don’t mind getting older at all but these aches and pains are the pits!

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